“Anfiteatro Sicilia”, cultural events in Sicily

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The cultural events of “Anfiteatro Sicilia” return to animate the most impressive amphitheatres in Sicily. Stone theaters of Taormina, Morgantina, Piazza Armerina, Tindari and Catania will give the public the most beautiful expressions of art: from music, prose, dance and lyricism.

The first event in Taormina will be Saturday, July 8 at 9.30 pm, when the notes of Symphony No. 9 of Ludwig Van Beethoven will fill with sound the incoparable scenery of the Ancient Theater. One of the best known sheet music in the history will be performed by the Orchestra of the “Teatro Massimo” of Palermo, directed by one of the most famous directors in the world, Zubin Metha, for a memorable inaugural evening.

“Anfiteatro Sicilia” in Taormina will continue in July and August with the following shows:

  • 15 July CARMEN BALLETTO | music by  G. Bizet | choreography by Josè Peres |  Massimo Bellini Theater Orchestra of Catania
  • 3 August SETTE CONTRO TEBE | by Eschilo | directed by Marco Baliani | production INDA of Syracuse
  • 4 August MEDEA | by Seneca | directed by Walter Pagliaro
  • 6 August LO SHOW | with Giorgio Panariello, Carlo Conti, Leonardo Pieraccioni
  • 7 August UN CANTO MEDITERRANEO |  directed by Mario Incudine
  • 9 August ORCHESTRA SINFONICA SICILIANA | Uto Ughi (violin)
  • 10 August ORCHESTRA SINFONICA SICILIANA | Ezio Bosso (piano)
  • 11 August CIN CIN Là |  directed by Umberto Scida
  • 13 August ODISSEA A/R |  directed by Emma Dante
  • 16 August LE SUPPLICI | by Eschilo

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“Anfiteatro Sicilia” events in: Morgantina, Tindari, Catania

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