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Good Food is usually one of the priorities that a traveller seeks for and in Sicily ingredients are always fresh and recipes have inspired also famous chefs from all the world.
This is sure, whether you dine in what locally is called “ Trattoria “  or in a “Five Star” restaurant, your palate will be grateful to you for coming in Sicily.
Settled on the east of the Island, Taormina offers a wide range of Restaurants, Pastry Shops, Lounge Bars and also Pubs, suitable for any budget or taste.
As previously mentioned, the freshness of ingredients are the key to succeed in this excellent culinary offer : starting from the Fish, which is  also caught locally, many Restaurants offer both Sicilian traditional recipes and International and Modern Recipes, but  among all the fresh fish that you will find, the Sea Urchins Recipes are a must to taste while staying in Taormina.
And  If the Sea offers an excellent variety of ingredients, Sicilian land and country ingredients are not to be forgotten ! Fresh mushrooms like the well know Porcini are made protagonist of dishes which you will indeed enjoy and re-order. Meat , Vegetables, Cold Cuts and many others land products are also part of the excellent Sicilian eno-gastronomic offer.
But what about Desserts ? Well you surely know one of the most  representative dessert of our Island : Cannoli, delicious sweet ricotta enriched by chocolate chips, all wrapped in to a crunchy skin. But Sicilian Desserts are much more : Almond Pastries, Cassate, Ice Cream , Granite and so on can be considered as touristic attraction of our Island.
You will definitely notice than traditional recipes are still more used than the modern patisserie, keeping alive centuries of different influences.